3G Shutdown

What It Means And How Your Home Security System Will Be Affected

Cellular carriers have announced they intend to fully “sunset” 3G technologies in the upcoming months. 3G is short for “third-generation wireless technology,” which your system relies on to communicate with the monitoring station.

At the time of your installation 3G was the optimal technology available. As technology advances cellular carriers phase out/shut down older networks and shift communication to faster, more efficient means of communication.

In order to continue functioning, your panel needs to be updated so that it is compatible with the updated cellular networks. Schedule an onsite panel update to avoid any potential disruptions.

Looking for more information? Visit our 3G FAQ Page.

The My Alarm Center Family Of Brands is Here to Guide You Through 3G Sunsetting

At My Alarm Center & Their Family Of Brands, protection and peace of mind is our top priority. If your security system is currently running on 3G, after 3G sunset, your system may lose its ability to communicate with our central monitoring station in the event of an emergency.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact us today. We want to ensure your home and family stay protected.

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