15 Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for Summer


After the winter we’ve all gone through, most of us are ready for summer.


Here are our top 15 tips of things you can do to get your home ready for this summer:


1. Clean your dryer vents. Clogged vents cause warm air to circulate back into your home. Simple cleaning of the vents prevents this from happening.


2. Clean, inspect and repair your window screens. You’ll want to enjoy the summer breezes without dust and bugs, so make sure your window screens are ready.


3. Trim back trees and bushes. Before summer is in full swing and foliage growth fills in, prune back any trees or shrubs that might obstruct the view from a window or become a good hiding spot for someone looking to check out whose home.

4. Check the fridge. You’ll want plenty of frosty cool beverages this summer so now’s a good time to clean the condensing coils and to make sure the refrigerator is working properly.


5. Inspect the roof. Check the flashing, caulking and shingles so your home can withstand the summer storms. Check for continuity on the plane of the roof and on the ridges. Make sure everything is tight and sealed. One of the best ways to identify potential back ups is to go out during a heavy rain and look at the water flow through the gutters.


6. Organize the garage. If you are like us, lawn chairs, games, coolers, floatation devices and more summer fun stuff is in the garage. Now’s a great time to organize the garage so things are handy when you are ready for fun!


7. Use compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs. Not only do these bulbs use less energy, they give off less heat than other bulbs. Using CFL bulbs will help keep rooms cooler. Now that the sun is shining a brighter light bulb is less necessary.


8. Reverse the ceiling fan. Summer months mean that you want the ceiling fan to blow air down to give the room a breeze to make it feel cooler. This is the opposite direction of winter. Make sure the direction of the blades blow air down.


9. Use the exhaust fan when taking a shower. The purpose of your air conditioning unit is to replace warm, muggy air with cool air. A steamy shower can create muggy conditions that spill out of the bathroom into other areas of your home. The exhaust fan can remove those steamy, muggy conditions while saving on your air conditioning costs.


10. Put shade by the air conditioning units. Plant a tree or place some shade over your air conditioning units to help them run more efficiently.


11. Put a vent or fan in the attic. Attic vents or fans help pull hot air off your ceilings, keeping your house cooler (and making it more tolerable to go in the attic!).


12. Get ready to barbeque. Most homeowners enjoy cooking outside in the summer. Get the grill and all of your supplies in good order for lots of summer fun.


13. Check the caulking around openings to your home. Doors, windows, vents, and other openings can slightly separate from the frame of your home. Seal them to keep the cool air in and the warm air out.


14. Replace the HVAC filters regularly. Blocked air filters reduce the ability of your air conditioning system to push and pull air through the registers. Allergens are higher in the summer months as well. Change your filters every 30 days or as recommended by the maker of your air conditioner.


15. Insulate. Proper insulation around doors and windows keeps warm air out. Make sure weather stripping is intact and providing a good seal around the door.


And here’s a bonus tip. Now’s a great time to check your home security system. My Alarm Center Alarm Company has technicians in your local community that can come and inspect your security system to make sure things are working properly. Call us toll-free at 855-334-6562 to schedule an appointment.