5 Great Reasons to Contact Your Home Security Alarm System Company

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Some people only think about their home security company when they install a security system and when the alarm activates.

That’s not enough.

You should know your home security company like you know your neighbors. They’re the ones working to keep you safe and it’s simply counterproductive to only interact with them when it’s time to pay your bill or in an emergency.

Here are five very good reasons to contact your security alarm company:

  • You’re leaving on vacation. Make sure your home security company is properly prepared for your trip. Let them know how long you’ll be gone. Let them know if your house will be empty or if you’ll have a house sitter. Share with them any concerns you may have so they are fully prepared to do their best for you.
  • You are renovating your house. The smallest of home improvement projects can impact the way your security system works. Before installing new fixtures, cabinets, rooms or flooring, contact your home security company. They’ll assess the situation with you and, if necessary, most will send someone to your home for free to see if you need to modify your protection.
  • You need to update your emergency contact list. This list is kept on file by the alarm monitoring company so they know who to notify when you can’t be reached in an emergency. It’s important for your safety that this emergency contact list be accurate and up-to-date. We suggest contacting your home alarm monitoring company around Thanksgiving each year to ensure the accuracy of your information.
  • If you are moving. Any time you put your home up for sale, contact your home security company. Lots of false alarms are created by realtors showing homes for sale. Your home security company will review with you best practice tips to keep your home safe and secure while it’s being sold.
  • Anytime you have a question or concern. It’s perfectly O.K. to contact your home security alarm company if you have questions. That’s what you pay them for and most companies would welcome your call. Make sure you are up-to-date using current home alarm technology. Ask about those home security camera systems you see everyone using on their smartphones. Use your home security company for what they are – your home security protection specialists.

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