7 Home Security Alarm Systems Things You Aren’t Doing That Could Come Back to Haunt You



There’s a ton of things one can do to improve home security. Some are frivolous and some are important.

In nearly 30 years of working with home security, I’ve learned that some actions mean more than others.

To be really safe, try integrating these habits into your daily routine:

Turn On Your Home Security System

You’d be amazed by the number of home security system owners that don’t turn on the alarm system. Many fall into the pattern of using the alarm only when they are away from their home for an extended period of time.  Modern home security systems make it practical and effective to use the system even while you are home. I highly recommend keeping the system armed for your maximum protection.

Maintain Online Privacy

We’ve warned you of the dangers of posting certain types of information on Facebook. Our warnings apply to any social network. Don’t publicize when you are on vacation or attending an event. When you do that, you’re advertising to people with bad intentions when your home will be vacant so they can do their dirty work.

Put Away Outside Equipment

There’s nothing that burglars like more than a house full of goodies with easy access. Don’t leave the ladder outside exposed for any burglar to use. Don’t keep other lawn equipment outside for a burglar to throw through a window to gain access to your home. Put your equipment away.

Lock the Windows

Keep your windows locked. Locked windows are a home safety best practice. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your second story windows aren’t vulnerable. Many a home break-in has occurred through second story windows.

Protect the Trash

Your trash can read like a list of household inventory to a burglar. Try to dispose of boxes of expensive items directly to a trash center. Shred papers so burglars can’t read critical account and other identifying information.


Get Rid of the Hidden Keys

Hiding a key under a doormat or potted plant simply destroys the purpose of having a lock on your home. Burglars know people hide keys and most know where to look for them. It’s cheaper and more convenient to pay a locksmith to let you into your home than it is to deal with a home burglary.

Ditch the Store Bought Smoke Detectors

The biggest problem with store bought smoke detectors is that they simply burn up with the rest of the home. They don’t have the ability to notify a 24 hour monitoring center so help can be summoned in the event of a fire. Home fire protection systems can integrate with your home security system to give you fire and carbon monoxide detection. Not only will your family be notified in the event of an emergency, the alarm monitoring center will know as well, so help can be dispatched as needed.