8 Steps to Flood Proof Your Home With Flood Alarms

Rainy season and melting snow and ice means it is flood season in many parts of our country.

For most homeowners, the only thing worse than a flood is having termites. Floods cause extensive damage and flood repairs are quite costly.

Here are 8 things you can do to slash the risk of flood damage to your home:

·         Clean your gutters in the spring and fall. Gutters are the prime co

mponent of the drainage system of your house. Make sure to clean the downspouts as well. They are connected to the bottom of the gutters and they keep water away from your home’s foundation.

·         Check the flashing. “Flashing” is the technical term for the mat

erial that seals edges around the openings in your home. Have a roofer check the flashing around your windows and roof once a year. A few preventative measures now can save you a lot of heartache later.

·         Use waterproof sealants. Coat the floors and walls of your home’s foundation with waterproof sealants to keep out water.

·         Stick with concrete in flood prone areas. Use concrete as a building material instead of drywall and wood. Concrete is a waterproof material.

·         Seal doors and windows. Doors and windows below the flood level need to be blocked and sealed. Plastic sheeting can work well for this purpose.

·         Create barriers around the perimeter of your home. Sandbags, dirt, concrete and trenching can halt the advance of flood waters.

·         Check the backflow valves. These valves can prevent a flooded sewer system from backing up into your home. Interior or exterior backflow valves can prevent this from happening. These valves need to be on all pipes entering your home. A local plumber can inspect your home to determine your current levels of protection.

·         Install flood detection. Flood detection and prevention systems from My Alarm Center Home Security Company can alert you via text or telephone call when water is detected in your home. They can even shut off the water flow in your home should its water pipes burst. Contact My Alarm Center at 855-334-6562 for more information.