How Facebook Is Hurting Your Home Security


Many Americans use Facebook each day.

And although Facebook can be lots of fun and a great way to stay connected with others, it can also be a great tool for criminals.

People in the alarm business know revealing too much information on Facebook puts you, your family and your friends at risk of criminal activity. Many of the posts and shares provide criminals with valuable information.

So what type of information on Facebook puts you at risk?

Vacation Plans

Facebook is a public platform and not everyone in the world needs to know you are going on vacation. Putting vacation information on Facebook is like shouting to the world that you’ll be away from home on a certain date (s). It’s like taking out an ad saying that your home is vacant. Don’t announce your plans and save the vacation photo posts to Facebook until after you return home.

Events and Parties

Responding to party and event requests on Facebook lets criminals know where you’ll be on specific dates. They can use this information to know when you won’t be home. And don’t rely on Facebook’s privacy settings to limit your exposure…people can always share information with others. It’s always best to accept event invitations in person or over the telephone.


Check-ins tell people you are out of the house. And when you tag your friends in the post, you are putting them at risk as well. Save your cool locations, selfies and friend photos until after you are back at home.

Home Remodels and Damage Repairs

Broken windows or doors and severe damage send the sign that your home is vulnerable and may even be vacant. Remodeling photos show areas of weakness in the home that a burglar may exploit for criminal activity.

New Purchase Announcements

Photos of your new jewelry may be nice but they also give burglars valuable information about what to steal. Announcements of this type simply put you at risk.

Holiday Plans

Criminals have no conscience. They don’t care that you are celebrating Thanksgiving at your Uncle Fred’s. Posting your plans on Facebook could be inviting a break-in. And be careful in announcing new gifts on Facebook. We’ve already told you that sharing purchase announcements on Facebook isn’t a good practice.

Facebook can bring you lots of fun if used properly. Pay attention to what you post on Facebook. And even though you may be cautious about what you post on Facebook, you aren’t fully protected. Your home security system from My Alarm Center provides you the best protection. Contact us at 855-334-6562 for more information about our wireless home security systems, home fire alarm systems, home automation systems and alarm monitoring services.