The Benefits of Home Automation Services [GUIDE]


Walk into any home improvement store and chances are, you will see a display with an array of product offerings and ways to sync everyday home activities and smart home devices with your smartphone to make your home “smarter.”

With our on-the-go lifestyles, the growing interest in home security companies, and concerns about protection, having a smart home and access to home automation capabilities are becoming top of mind for most homeowners. Homes using home automation hit 1.8 million installations last year and that number is expected to grow to 12 million systems by 2016. With all these new shiny bells and whistles, it makes sense to take some time and understand what the smart home and home automation can do for you and/or your family.

With home automation services, you can control your home remotely with just a few smartphone screen taps. You can remotely control your security system, interior and exterior lighting, internal temperature, and more. So not only does home automation give you peace of mind with the benefit of home security, but it also can save you money and be a convenient way to monitor your home so you never feel you are too far away to protect it.

Here are some highlights of the benefits of home automation services.

Save money. Automating your home can save energy (read: money) by controlling lighting, with smart lights, and heat settings, with smart thermostats. A single bulb can last 2.28 years when dimmed at 50 percent, which is 20 times longer than the average light bulb lifespan – so less energy consumption equals longer use. With 56 percent of energy payments accounting for heating and cooling, the total savings accrued by being able to change settings from afar can really add up. Overall, those who invest in a home automation system will save an average of 15 percent on energy bills and 20 percent on home insurance.

Enjoy convenience. When leaving your home for work or vacation, there is always that funny feeling something was forgotten. With home automation services, you can put your mind at ease by being able to check on your home and control your garage doors, lock and unlock doors, and check up on the family pet if he/she didn’t join you on vacation. There’s also the convenience of being able to control the lighting, temperature, and doors for the times neighbors may be stopping by to check in or when “housesitters” spend the night.

And of course, while saving money and having the convenience of control at your fingertips are important, no one can put a price on the safety of you, your home, and/or your family members. Depending on the amount of home security monitoring needed, home automation systems can offer everything from remotely locking your exterior doors, to door and window monitoring, and even advanced motion detectors, cameras, and sensors that detect when something is wrong – even alerting you at the sound of breaking glass.

While we know uncertainties are a part of life – from that unexpected flat tire in the midst of a thunderstorm to a potential robbery – the goal is be prepared. And in the 21st century, that means using the technology we have at our fingertips to make life easier and safer.

Consider home automation services as part of your security strategy. For more information, review the popular Guide to Home Automation that provides more information about each of these aspects of this technology.