Don’t Automate Cooking That Turkey, Here All the Things In Your Home That You Can

Safe Cooking TurkeyWhen you bought that monster poultry, you were excited, all wrapped up in cozy thoughts of family and belly-warming holiday meals. Now, that gargantuan turkey’s looming in the fridge, taunting you. Reminding you that you’ll have to wake before dawn, if you want to put Thanksgiving dinner on the table before Black Friday.

Don’t you wish you could automate your turkey dinner? At least the 5 a.m.-wakeup-on-a-holiday part?

My friends, the bad news is that we can’t cook your turkey dinner for you. (Not yet, at least. Check back next year!) But we can automate the rest of your home, with MyHome®, so you can have a happy, safe holiday. Check it out:

Remote Arm/Disarm

Did you know that you can arm and disarm your security system with the swipe of a touchscreen? Even better, you can double-check that your home alarm is armed and at the ready, even if you’re hours away, eating turkey at the relatives’. (No more panicked meals or worse, rushing home to check that all is well.) And hey, if you find you did forget to switch the alarm on, just a touch of your smartphone and you’re good to go. Now that’s peace of mind.

Lighting Control

There’s nothing quite like lighting to set the holiday mood, is there? Now, automation lets you create the perfect setting with lighting schedules (dinner mode, anyone?), timers, and set routines that mirror your moods and behavior. All you have to do is light the candles.

Climate Control

There’s a difference between waking up on Thanksgiving morning to frigid toes and freezing floors, and waking up on Thanksgiving morning to toasty toes and cozy floors. The difference is called automated climate control: settings to keep your home at the perfect temperature, morning, noon and night – even if that means responding to sudden dips in outdoor temperatures.

Video Monitoring

Want to check that your kids got home safely the day before the holiday? Or that nothing’s amiss while you’re visiting family? That’s what live video streaming is for. (Oh, and also for warding off burglars and letting police know if there’s a problem.)

Real Time Alerts

The final piece of the puzzle is real-time alerts – customized app alerts that respond to events in your home. You set ’em, we honor ’em.

Your Home in Your Pocket

The best part of your system is having it in your pocket, always. Your smartphone gives you full access to controls and monitoring, so you’re always in control, always aware of what’s going on. It’s the best thing to happen to home automation. Until we figure out a way to automate turkey roasting, that is.