Have a Fun and SAFE Independence Day

Fireworks Safety from My Alarm Center

Every year, we look forward to the Fourth of July. It’s one of the best holidays, don’t you think? Not only is there that little matter of patriotism, but Independence Day is a time for family, for barbecues, for fireworks and for a paid holiday off work. The weather is gorgeous. Everyone’s smiling. There’s much fun to be had.

This year, make sure your Fourth of July is both fun and safe. Take a few precautions, and have a great day!

1. Be Careful with Fireworks

If fireworks are legal in your state, follow safety protocols. Light fireworks one at a time, and immediately back away as soon as one is lit. If a firework does not go off, or if the fuse goes out, immediately douse with water. Do not try to reuse.

Fireworks should always be handled with care, by responsible (and sober) adults. Never let children play with fireworks, and always supervise “kid-safe” sparklers and other festive additions.

2. Fill Your Bucket

Keep a bucket of water close, to douse any fires caused by grilling, fireworks, or other celebrations. Better to be prepared!

3. Hold the Mayo (Or Keep it Cold)

Picnics and the 4th go hand-in-hand, but remember that the sun and certain foods do not. If you’ll be picnicking at a park, the lake, or even a backyard, hold the egg and dairy products in order to prevent food poisoning and other food-borne illness. And if your famous egg salad just isn’t complete without mayo, keep the mayonnaise in a cooler until it’s time for lunch.

4. Keep an Eye on the Kids

The Fourth of July usually means swimming or parades or other festivities. The goal should be to have a great time, but don’t forget to exercise a little caution in the process. For example, pool parties can spell danger for younger kids and weak swimmers, so insist kiddos wear life jackets and always supervise your kid when swimming. Likewise, parades are often crowded so try to keep children close, and arm them with contact info in case you get separated. With security monitoring from MAC, you can use your smart home security to keep an eye on your children no matter what.

5. Practice Safe Grilling

What’s Independence Day without a few hamburgers and hotdogs, fresh off the grill? (Answer: It wouldn’t be Independence Day!) As you char up the next batch, be sure to practice safe grilling: keep your grill away from the house and other structures; keep the grill and surrounds clear of grease and other flammables; steer kids and pets away from the grilling area; and always keep water and a fire extinguisher close. And make sure there are batteries in those fire alarms.

Happy Fourth, everyone! May yours be one of laughter, fun and sun.