Wireless Home Security System Tips & Best Practices: Protect Your Home During Summer Vacation

As excitement builds among millions of us preparing to head off for summer vacation, opportunistic intruders are likely hatching plans of their own – targeting empty homes each year for burglary, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III).

At My Alarm Center Home Security Services, we encourage our customers to adopt a comprehensive home security strategy – one that extends beyond home monitoring and home alarms.  This is especially critical during July and August, the months with the highest rates of burglaries (about a 10% increase over other times of the year), according to FBI crime statistics.

While newer home security services and offerings like wireless home security, interactive monitoring and remote home automation are excellent tools to help keep potential intruders at bay, it’s quite possible to deter simply by making it “look” like you’re at home.

No, you don’t have to make like Macauley Culkin’s character in Home Alone and stage a faux dance party in your living room while you’re away at the beach.  Simple measures like programming outdoor lighting to activate at dusk daily, and keeping landscaping maintained while you’re away can be very effective.

Taking precautions like these, and other Vacation Safety Tips can help influence whether or not your home is targeted in the first place.  Should intruders persist, then home security companies, systems, services, and organizations like My Alarm Center Home Security Services are your best bet to stop criminals in their tracks.

Looking forward to helping ensure your summer vacation ends as happily as it began.

-Your Friends at My Alarm Center