From Instant Cameras to Cameras in an Instant: How Polaroid Paved the Path to Home Security

Polaroid Security Camera

Did you know that the first Polaroid Instant Camera was sold on November 26, 1948? We’ve come a long way in 67 years – from white-framed fuzzy photos to razor-sharp digital video, to be precise.

It was Black Friday 1948, although it wasn’t called Black Friday at the time, and the Model 95 Land Camera, a hefty beast at four pounds, was offered for a pricey $89.75 – more than $1,100 in today’s dollars. But despite its price tag, the camera caused quite the commotion, selling out (including the demonstrator model) and forcing the salesman to retreat to the countertop, in order to escape the crush of buyers. (Black Friday, indeed!)

The point of this story is simple: even in 1948, even with a four-pound camera, and even at an adjusted-for-inflation price of $1,100+, instant photography was an instant hit. One that has also proved enduring, through the evolution and popularity of digital cameras, smartphone photography, and lightweight video equipment.

And today, in the finest Polaroid-would-approve tradition, you can now have your cameras and instant gratification, too: enter easy-to-install home surveillance systems, which secure your family in an instant.

Home Security Cameras in an Instant

Okay, we admit, “in an instant” is a bit of an exaggeration. They’ll take at least 15 minutes to install.

That’s right, thanks to wireless home security technology and ever-improving camera range, you can now equip your home with up to eight video cameras, complete with sharp picture, digital recording, and live streaming. What’s more, your system components work in perfect tandem, simultaneously recording eight live video feeds. Which, thanks to the fluid symbiosis of motion detection, set events, time of day sensing, real time alerts and system automation, you can check via browser or app.

Isn’t it amazing how far instant cameras have come?

Not Your Granddad’s Polaroid: 5 Benefits of Today’s Security Cameras

In addition to being easy to install and providing instant, live picture, a video surveillance system offers incredible benefits to your existing security system:

  1. Deter Burglars: If security system signs deter bad guys, functioning video cameras positively repel them. One look at outdoor security cameras, and potential burglars will likely head for the hills.
  2. FingerPointing with Precision: If the worst were to happen and a thief did break in, a high-quality, well-placed video system can record them red-handed. Hand over the video to police, and a conviction is almost assured.
  3. Save Money: Sure, your system can save you money in the sense of not getting robbed, but did you also know that it can earn you a 15-20% discount on your homeowners insurance? Get your agent on the phone, stat!
  4. Watch Over Your Family: Pets, kids, senior family members – you’ve probably worried about them at one point or another. With video security, you can check in via any web-enabled device, assuring yourself that they’re safe and sound. Or learning that you’ll need a new sofa cushion, thanks to Fluffy.

Thinking about adding video surveillance to your security system? Contact us today.