Home Security Alarm Scams: What to Watch Out For

Learn more about what home security alarm scams to watch out for.

As a homeowner with security, you go through a lot of effort to ensure that your home and loved ones are safe. But even with professional home security systems already installed, you can still fall victim to common home security alarm scams. Especially since the market is more flooded with DIY options and untrustworthy companies than ever before.

With home security scams becoming more common, and can potentially compromise the security of your property and finances, you should know how to spot them and protect yourself. And you just might be surprised how easily it can be to fall victim to one of them. Most aren’t your typical spam call asking about your car’s “extended warranty.”

Below are some of the most common home security alarm scams to watch out for.

Offering Free Equipment

Companies can seek to entice customers through unbelievable deals, such as offering free equipment. Sound too good to be true? Most of these deals come with strings attached, with some providers requiring customers to sign long-term contracts that see them paying high monthly monitoring fees. In other cases, the company will sell you faulty or inferior security cameras. You should avoid rushing into signing any documents as these could be expensive contracts designed to exploit you. Always take your time and do the proper research surrounding any company or equipment before you commit to anything. 

Demanding a Quick Decision

Selecting and buying the right security system for your home is not only an important decision but also a huge investment. Therefore, you should take the time to ensure that you make the right choice. However, another common home security alarm scam is to force customers to make a quick decision. Scammers might tell you that they have a limited time offer or that they have only one system left at the discounted price. No matter what, always take that extra beat to make sure any decision is the right one for you and your budget. 

Beware of Scare Tactics

Companies can try to pressure customers by instilling fear. Some of the common tactics include making up stories about increased cases of burglary in your neighborhood, inflating local crime statistics, or other false claims. Always remain polite, but firm. Remember that you never have to actually answer the door in the first place, either. 

Targeting Existing Home Security Systems

While your security yard sign or window decal is a great deterrent for criminals (and an appreciated testimonial to your security provider!), it can also make your home a target. Not a target for any real danger, of course, but to potential security competitors. Another home security alarm scam is simply to promise that the grass is just a little greener with a different provider. Once again, always read the fine print of any contract details before you sign anything. 

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