How to Set Up Alerts

Whether it’s an unexpected open door, a power outage or someone suspicious caught on an outdoor camera, our real-time alerts can help you get the most out of your security system.

When you download and login via the mobile app, or login from your computer from the portal, you can turn on notifications, and then customize the notifications you receive. It’s a great way to stay connected to your home, even while you’re running errands, traveling, or just at work for the day.

For those with the doorbell camera, outdoor and indoor video cameras, or motion sensors in or around your home, you can also receive alerts whenever motion is detected.

Setting up these notifications takes only seconds. To do so from your device:

  1. From the Home Screen, select the menu on the top left
  2. Scroll down to notifications
  3. Select a preset template or you can customize your own

From here, you’ll be able to tailor the type of notifications to your liking. You will also have the ability to determine the recipients and the frequency of these alerts.

  • Alarm Alerts are triggered whenever a connected sensor is reported. This includes fire alarms, flood monitoring systems, low batteries, or power failures.
  • Unexpected Activity notifications can boost your awareness of what’s happening on your property. These auto-generated alerts notify in real-time you of system activity that seems out of the ordinary. Unexpected Activity notifications are intended to provide information only.
  • Motion Detector alerts are detected with the doorbell camera, outdoor and indoor video cameras, or motion sensors in or around your home. It can also notify you whenever a certain device has been left open for a certain period of time. The doorbell camera can also prompt the doorbell call, allowing you to speak to whoever is in front of the camera, right from your device.
  • Parents will be able to set security reminders for their family, whenever your kids come home from school, or if your child has been away past their curfew.
  • Temperature alerts can notify you if the temperature in your home is above or below a set threshold.

There are more alert capabilities, including the battery life on your connected devices, or whenever certain electronics are left on for an amount of time.

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