How Your Small Business Security Camera System Can Grow Your Profits


Did you know with a surveillance system for your business you can protect your business AND grow your profits at the same time?


Researchers from Washington University, Brigham Young, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted a comprehensive study of the impact of surveillance technologies (like security camera surveillance systems installed) on employee theft and productivity.

After studying the impacts of alarm company surveillance technologies at 392 restaurants in 30 states, the researchers observed that:

  • Sales increased $2,982 per week per location! Researchers attribute the sales increase to workers that stopped unethical behavior and an increased focus on driving sales, especially incremental sales like desserts and appetizers.


  • Theft declined an average of $108 per week, per store.


This research strongly suggests that security camera surveillance systems, especially with monitoring services, boost sales and cut employee theft.


And here’s another bit of good news…it’s not expensive to get professional installation a good business security camera surveillance system and they often pay for themselves in a matter of months!


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