Watching These Videos Will Convince You about the Value of Home Camera Surveillance Systems


Ever wonder if home security camera systems are useful in catching criminals? Take a look at these videos and judge for yourself:

Burglar Kicking Door Open

Dallas Burglary Suspect Caught on Camera

Forcible Home Entry in Raleigh, N.C.

Law enforcement and crime prevention officials agree that home security camera surveillance systems are quite useful in preventing crime. They also aid in criminal prosecution.

A little known benefit of these security camera systems is that they reduce false alarms and generate faster police department response to alarm activations. The reason is that you or your alarm monitoring company can watch the real-time video to determine the extent of any criminal activity.

We’re interested in learning how home security, home security cameras, home automation or home fire detectors have made a difference in your life.

Has a security camera system prevented a burglary in your home?

Do you use home automation monitoring services to monitor your home or to slash energy costs?

Has a monitored fire alarm or smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector helped prevent a disaster?

How else does home security monitoring or home automation add convenience and give you peace of mind?

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