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A world of protection at your door starts with best-in-class security systems
expertly installed by technicians from your neighborhood.

Family First

My Alarm Center is committed to providing ironclad residential security systems and best-in-class monitoring with lightning-fast response times. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Wireless Cellular Monitoring

Wireless systems mean easy installation without the need for drilling or re-wiring. As more people switch to cell phones as their only source of communication, Cellular Monitoring has become more relevant and is now the standard for home security solutions.

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Benefits of Cellular Monitoring

Stay connected, no matter what. Transmitting on a separate, secure wireless network, cellular monitoring means being in constant communication with the central station when:

•  Power outages cut lines due to extreme weather
•  You change telephone service provider
•  Burglars cut your lines prior to entry

National Power, Local Reach

We are nationwide, and not under pressure to work with any single manufacturer. This enables us to offer best-in-class solutions at affordable prices. We work with local, expert service technicians who are intimate with the unique needs of your neighborhood.

Total Home Control

Our advanced systems are your central security hub, connecting you to police, fire and medical emergency response teams. If you are looking for more, adding My Home by My Alarm Center gives you visibility and notifications regarding activities at your home, as well as remote control of your home's vital systems such as lighting and thermostats.

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