Personal Emergency Response System

Stay independent without ever feeling alone.

Introducing MyIndependence

You've grown to trust My Alarm Center with your home security, now trust us with your loved one's security, and your peace of mind. With the MyIndependence personal emergency response system, your loved one can continue to live a life of independence and dignity knowing that help is one button away, 24/7. Did you know that the cost of MyIndependence may be covered by Medicaid or Medicare?

  • Freedom to live in their home, on their terms
  • Confidence and reassurance for the family
  • Peace of mind that help is one touch away
  • Sleek, modern design

Simple to install. Easy to operate.

Pers Flow

Pers Equipment
  • Simple to install - plug it in, turn it on
  • Easy to operate - help is one touch away
  • Excellent range - for complete property coverage
  • Customized responses - You control who the operator calls in an emergency
  • Long battery life - can last up to five years
  • Discreet - may be worn as a pendant, armband, or wristband

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*Product may vary by region.

Have questions about set up or operation of MyIndependence?
Download one of our guides or for additional support call 866 484 4800.

Quick -guide Cover

Quick set-up and operation guide

My Independence -Manual

Extended instruction full operations manual






Did you know that the cost of MyIndependence may be covered by Medicaid or Medicare?

No long-term contract

*To avoid fees, equipment must be returned upon cancellation.
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