A Beginner's Guide To The Benefits Of Home Automation

Did you know home automation can keep your family more secure AND run your home more efficiently?

MyHome, the flagship offering by My Alarm Center, is an innovative home automation solution that connects you to your home through your smartphone, tablet or PC. Like a remote control, MyHome gives you the power to control your security system, door locks, lighting and temperature at any time, from anywhere!

As more people choose to automate their home, isn’t it time you do the same? Follow this useful guide to find out why, and call 866 484 4800 to talk to us about MyHome by My Alarm Center.

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What Can You Do With a Home Automation System?

July 08, 2014 Home automation systems are quite popular these days. Most of us have seen the television commercials of people locking their doors, turning on the air conditioning and observing their home through their smart phone.   Between convenience, savings, tablet and smartphone connectivity and lowering prices, these home automation systems are an attractive option to homeowners. […]


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