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Want to know what people are saying about My Alarm Center?

We are proud of our Better Business Bureau rating and reputation. When we asked real customers to tell their stories, they were happy to share their outstanding experiences with us.

“Our family had been asleep for only a short time when a thunderstorm hit our area one night. We are used to thunderstorms and all of the water they can bring. Because of this, our small, unfinished basement has a sump-pump to make sure no extra ground-water leaks into the house.

Within 30 minutes of the storm starting, the house alarm went off. My husband checked his cell phone immediately to see what was causing the alarm, and it was the sump-pump in the basement! He disarmed the alarm and went downstairs to assess damage; part of it had broken apart and water was spraying into the basement. He found the tools he needed and fixed it easily; he was back upstairs within ten minutes.

We are so grateful we had an alarm set on our sump-pump! If we hadn’t had the alarm, it could have been hours or even a day before we would have noticed the water. All of our storage is down in the basement, including food storage, decorations, and some books/papers and they could have been destroyed. The alarm saved us a from that loss, and from the time and money to clean it all up.”

Cheryl S.
Thornedale, PA

“In November of 2012 my house was broken into and within minutes I was alerted by My Alarm Center that the alarm was going off. I instructed the caller to notify the police and that I was on the way home. Now I know that when my Alarm Monitoring is needed-it works, and that is all I care about.”

Robert W.
Redmond, WA

“When I call your office to ask question, I get a person not a recorded message.  You are very fast to respond in case the alarm goes off.  Everyone gives me the help I need without passing me from person to person. Thanks for your service.”

Joyce H.
Homosassa, FL

“I like how My Alarm Center calls me right away when my alarm goes off. They try and reach me by home phone and cell phone.  My questions are always answered and I am never rushed off the phone. I appreciate the reps patience and expertise in solving any of my concerns.”

Larue J.
Twinsburg, OH

“I specifically like the quick response from the monitoring center when I have accidentally caused a breach in the security system. I am confident that in a real emergency I can expect the same quick response.”

Herman F.
Salisbury, MD

“The company was very responsive to my requests where extra security and additional sensors were needed. Nice to have that peace of mind!”

Scott D.
Plano, TX

“I just want to thank you for listening to my concerns as well as setting up a repair order for our alarm system. I’ll be looking for the signs and window stickers next week and I’m sure my neighbors will ask where I picked them up.”

Barry L.
Manteca, CA

“Pleasure to work with from the initial sales call through installation, and they were quick to respond when I triggered my alarm. Never needed them in an emergency, but know I’ll be protected if I do!”

Andrew M.
Philadelphia, PA

“The one time that my house was broken into, the system worked well and the police were called. The two times I have set off my smoke alarm, you guys called to make sure everything was okay. Can’t ask for more than that.”

Adam C.
Houston, TX

“Prompt contact when something has occurred, such as a low battery signal, or us changing a battery. Very courteous and efficient staff.”

Natalie R.
Watkinsville, GA

“We had a new alarm installed last year with home automation too. Nice, professional technician who took his time explaining how everything works. I like that I can monitor my home, even when I’m on vacation!”

Karin I.
Philadelphia, PA

“The employees are helpful, get the problem resolved the first time, and call back when they say they will”

Charles S.
Teaneck, NJ

“This August will be 7 years of service for me. I have never had a problem with customer service. When I needed service and a new battery it was promptly taken care of. I ordered new yard signs and they came in less than 5 days. When my alarm went off …I was called, and fire or police came in minutes (although these were false alarms). I am very satisfied with my service and tell other companies that I don’t want switch.”

Harry C.
Richmond, VA

“Both times we called, the agent didn’t try to take advantage of us. They resolved the problem and were helpful all the way around.”

John L.
Philadelphia, PA

“A really nice technician came to install my new wireless system, and friendly knowledgeable folks answer the phone.”

Kristi H.
Atlanta, GA

“Thank you for working with my wife & I financially. You were extemely understanding after she was diagnosed with cancer. And, continue to do so. Thank You!!!”

Eric K.
North Providence, RI

“You respond within seconds and are kind and courteous over the phone.”

Elizabeth H.
Lake Mary, FL

“You are there to take care of any of my problems.”

Candace G.
Des Moines, WA

“Customer service has really improved since you first took over my account.  Reps are quick to call when I’ve inadvertently set off my alarm.”

Mary R.
Auburn, WA

“You always respond quickly, and it’s affordable.”

Nichole R.
Spring, TX

“Reliable equipment, knowledgeable & timely technicians, friendly staff, good rates.”

Mary B.
Nashville, TN

“My Alarm Center has been very quick to respond to an alarm in my home, and the agents have always been very pleasant.”

Lynne H.
Falmouth, MA

“I am happy to have the ability to provide entry codes to others, then see on my iPhone app exactly who has entered their code for entry and when.”

Julianne I.
Bethlehem, PA

“I like that when I’m going out of town I can call and let you know, so that if there is an alarm they will know to call the police without going through the phone protocol. I also like the response time when we accidentally set the alarm off.”

Carolyn F.
Tucker, GA

“Every person we speak to is helpful and courteous.”

Mary S.
Monroeville, NJ

“I enjoy the peace of mind, in having my home monitored”

Greg A.
Phoenix, AZ

“We needed a replacement battery for our CPU and a simple call to your center took care of it.”

Valerie S.
Bothell, WA

“I like the fast response in calling me when the alarm has been set off.”

Arron C.
Pueblo, CO

“They always call immediately if there is a problem, and assist me until my problem is resolved. Very reliable, and they make me feel safe.”

Bill M.
Norristown, PA

“When alarm sounds, I receive a call within one minute. Also, when I need technical assistance the staff is very helpful and polite.”

Evelyn G.
Media, PA

“Any problems we’ve had have been quickly addressed and resolved.”

Kay T.
Arlington, TX

“Billing is timely and correct. If I have to contact you, I get prompt and courteous response.”

Joseph C.
Columbus, OH

“Basic pricing is competitive and response to issues are timely.”

Ernie C.
South Dennis, MA

“Personalized service, prompt response.  Our technician was also professional and extremely knowledgable.”

Maria A.
Lacey, WA

“I’ve been a customer for years. I just upgraded so I’m not familiar with the new system yet, but the company and customer service has always been good.”

Amy S.
Fort Washington, MD

“You worked with me to meet my personal needs for my home security.”

Pershell M.
Macedonia, OH

“I was contacted in less than a minute the few times that the alarm has been tripped.”

Kathy M.
Saint Johns, FL

“Our very good technician who provided excellent, professional service. The system is a very good one.”

William M.
Lacey, WA

“I appreciate the quick response when the alarm does go off.”

Monty L.
Carroll, OH

“I liked the quick response call that I received when my alarm went off at my summer home.”

Anne N.
Cincinnati, OH

“Quick response, knowledgable, and professional. Patience staying on line until everything was resolved, with a pleasant attitude!”

Paul S.
Weeki Wachee, FL

“The rates are comparable with other companies. The system works well. We had a break-in and the thieves left with nothing.”

Rose W.
Holiday, FL