Senior care medical alert system for peace of mind

Senior Medical Alert System 

Connected Senior Care
Independence and Protection for Seniors

Peace of Mind Without Sacrificing Independence

With Connected Senior Care from My Alarm Center, seniors can maintain a protected independent lifestyle with our non-intrusive safety solution that guards against in-home health emergencies.
Coupled with a responsive app and other SmartHome security solutions, our senior medical alert system keeps family members updated and informed.

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Senior medical alert system provides peace of mind

Peace of Mind For Caregivers, Without Sacrificing Senior Independence
Respecting and supporting a loved one’s need for independence doesn’t have to come at the expense of their personal safety.

A Comprehensive Senior Medical Alert System

With Connected Senior Care, users get security solutions that provide intelligence before
there’s an emergency. Non-intrusive behavior monitoring provides insight on any changes that could signify a problem.

Senior medical alert system includes motion sensors

Motion Sensors on refrigerators and medicine cabinets can track worrisome changes
in nutrition and medication doses.

Senior medical alert system includes emergency alert devices

Emergency Alert and non-wearable devices can be used to alert others of falls or other personal emergencies.

Senior medical alert system includes bed and chair sensors

Bed And Chair Sensors keep you aware of your loved one’s movements and activity, without interrupting their day-to-day lives.

Senior medical alert system includes two-way voice care cams

Two-way Voice Care Cams keeps family in close contact with loved ones.

smart phones keep you connected to the senior alert system

Be Connected, Even When You Can’t Be There

It’s easier than ever for family members and caregivers to check in on Seniors, no matter where they are. And now, seamlessly connect to every home security and SmartHome feature that keeps all your loved ones safe.

One app, multiple households:

  • 24/7 best-in-class monitored home security and fire & CO detection
  • Set schedules and adjust temperatures, lock/unlock doors, and control lights remotely
  • Set alerts, trigger alarms, and receive daily reports on your loved one’s activity

24/7 Protection, Just a Button Away

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