10 Bad Habits Ruining Your Wireless Home Security


Unlocked doors, open garages, posts on Facebook…all of these factors compromise your wireless home security system. And what’s worse is if you don’t correct these bad habits you can end up being robbed and maybe even harmed by criminals.

Are you guilty of any of these ten bad habits that compromise your wireless security system?

1. Not arming the alarm system. This is one of the worst habits of all. You have a home alarm system and fail to turn it on. Always keep the alarm on, even when you are home (your system should have a home and away mode…if it does not, contact your alarm company for an upgrade).

2. Failing to lock the doors and windows. An amazingly high percentage of home burglars enter through unlocked doors and windows. Again, keep doors and windows locked, even when you are home.

3. Posting your intentions on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. Too many people going on trips away from home talk about it on Facebook. With constantly changing privacy policies and post settings, you never know who will learn that you’re gone. It’s best to talk about your trip on Facebook after you get back, not before you leave.

4. Leaving ladders and equipment outside. Why make it easy for an intruder to gain access to your home? Ladders make it easier for thieves to enter through second story windows. One guy left his weight set on his patio, making it simple for a burglar to throw a dumbbell through a window to gain access to the home. Keep ladders and equipment in a locked garage or storage shed.

5. Overgrown bushes. Keep your bushes and trees properly trimmed so they can’t be used as hiding spots.

6. Unlocked garages. A lot of homes have entry doors from the garage into the house. Burglars know that too.  You know that side door into your garage? You’d be surprised how many people leave it unlocked.

7. No outside lighting. Dark areas can be great hiding spots. They also allow burglars to scan your home in relative secrecy. Outdoor motion sensor activated lights near doors and windows can provide added safety.

8. Newspapers and mailboxes. A pile of newspapers and an overflowing mailbox have been used by thieves for years to find out when someone is not home. A house that appears empty is an attractive target to a criminal. Call the Post Office and newspaper to halt delivery while you are gone.

9. Hidden keys. House keys left under doormats or in fake rocks just don’t cut it in today’s environment. It’s better and cheaper to pay a locksmith to gain access to your home than it is to deal with a robbery. Avoid hidden keys.

10. Thinking that it can’t happen to you. No matter how affluent, remote or calm your neighborhood is, you are still a potential target. Don’t miss out on valuable home security tactics by thinking that it can’t happen to you.

You can take these simple actions to reduce the chances of your home being burglarized. Be alert and be aware and you’ll be on your way to better home security.