2016 Home Security Customer Survey Results

red fire truck rushing down street

A recent survey provided by Harris Poll, shows that peace of mind is not surprisingly the main motivation behind purchasing a home security system, specifically achieved through professional monitoring. The survey was conducted on behalf of  , a member of the My Alarm Center family of brand.

Based on the survey results, an overwhelming majority percentage of Americans, at 93%, answered that it’s critical for local, emergency response authorities to be contacted in the event of a home security emergency, as detected by the home alarm system. These emergencies include a burglary attempt, home fire or carbon monoxide detection.

Other survey results include monitoring importance as well as convenience. Nearly 2 in 3 Americans, at 63%, do not consider personally monitored alarm systems to be as safe as professionally monitored home security systems. Four in five Americans, or 81%, indicate that it’s important that their security system is accessible remotely from a mobile device, computer or tablet, for wireless alarm access outside the home. 72% of Americans are interested in integrating their home alarm system with other day to day home functions, including thermostats and lighting, for automated smart home convenience.

As summarized by Amy Kothari, CEO and President of My Alarm Center, “smart home technology is popular, but the survey shows that homeowners want more than a ‘smart thing’ when it comes to protecting their home and family. Homeowners want assurances that help will arrive when their family needs it, and professional monitoring alerts first responders in case of an emergency.”

The results of the survey confirm that customers are most interested in professionally monitored security systems with added features for convenience. . We, at My Alarm Center, pride ourselves in providing customers with complete peace of mind as it pertains to home safety. Our services include, but are not limited to, 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, remote security monitoring and home automation for homes in the Philadelphia and Seattle regions.