4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Home Security Service


There are very simple steps you can take to boost your home security service, and the first one is understanding how you may be vulnerable.

To figure out where you are vulnerable, you have to assess your security system needs and weaknesses. That means reviewing your behaviors, needs and present measures so you can formulate a security plan.

Less than 25% of all homes have a security alarm system, and even less have a home security plan. To get a handle on your home security, follow these guidelines:

  1. Check the crime stats in your neighborhood. Location can play a role in crime levels. Check with your local police department for crime information in your neighborhood. Learn the types of crime being committed and determine your risk levels accordingly. You can also get information on how the crime level compares in your community with other cities from Sperling’s Best Places.
  1. Improve the locks on your doors and windows. Use deadbolt door locks on all doors except sliding doors. Use high quality solid metal with no screws exposed on the exterior. Make sure the throw bolt is at least one inch long. Invest in special keyed locks for sliding doors and windows, which you can easily find at your local hardware store.
  1. Join a neighborhood watch group. These programs build strong neighborhoods. They reduce crime and help home values. Contact your local police department about joining or starting a neighborhood watch program in your area.
  1. Invest in a good home security monitoring system. We wrote about how burglars select which home to rob, and the evidence is overwhelming that they avoid attacking homes with a home security system. Investing in a monitored home security system can be your best move to boost home security. And with many systems being wireless and portable in nature, you can even take them with you should you move!

Little actions make big differences. Take these steps to boost your home security today!