4 Personal Emergency Response System Technologies to Keep Your Parents Out of a Nursing Home


There are new personal emergency response system technologies that allow your parents to stay out of a nursing home.

That’s right…it’s now practical, safe and effective to use personal emergency response system technology to make aging at home a great option for people everywhere.

From devices tracking medication use to personal emergency response systems, you can monitor parents at home to make sure they are safe and sound.

My Alarm Center is pleased to present you with four of these technologies that allow for better caregiving and increased senior independence.

1. MedMinder |This digital pill dispenser looks like any other seven-day model. The caregiver simply loads the medication into the dispenser. One model stays locked until it’s time for the medicine. You can log onto the web to program medication schedules and to see if your parent has complied. The device gives reminders to your parents to take their medication and can notify you by email, text or phone call of any irregularities.

2. Home Security Cameras | Check in on Mom and Dad from any web enabled device from anywhere in the world. Get real-time visual updates. Use two-way voice communication systems to speak with your parents while watching them on video.

3. Personal Emergency Response Systems | These systems allow your parents to summon help when needed. Using a wireless pendent or bracelet, your Mom or Dad can simply push a button to interact with a trained emergency response operator to take appropriate action when needed.

4. Home Automation Systems | Use sensors and smartphone apps to perform and monitor basic functions in your parent’s home, things like temperature control, turning off the coffee pot, and other types of household activities. Control settings and access information through your smartphone or other web-enabled device.

More and more families are using the lifestyle choices offered by technologies for senior independence and a better quality of life. If you have questions about how technology can help your parents remain at home, please contact My Alarm Center. We’re committed to help seniors age at home.