5 Common Myths about Philadelphia Home Security Companies

A lot of people have the wrong ideas about how to get the right things.


Take home security alarm companies in Philadelphia. With more and more people in Philadelphia and surrounding areas considering a home security system, it’s natural that some misconceptions exist about home security companies. With this in mind, let’s destroy a few myths:


All Philadelphia home security companies perform in the same way. This common myth jeopardizes the safety of you, your home and your family. Although many companies call themselves “home security companies,” there’s a huge gap between the label and actual result.  Different companies have different approaches to home security. They also have different capabilities, personnel, operating models and standards of performance. Read more about what to ask before buying a home security system.


All Philadelphia home security companies sell the same equipment. That’s simply not true. Just like with automobiles, there is low-end security equipment and high-end security equipment. Some home security companies offer only wireless home security systems in Philadelphia, some offer hard-wired systems and some offer both. There are hundreds of different manufacturers of security equipment and almost all of them are represented by at least one home security company in Philadelphia. Make sure you understand the brand of equipment to be used in your home, its’ warranties and its’ reputation in the marketplace.


All Philadelphia security companies protect homes in the same way. Your home and lifestyle are unique and modern home security companies recognize this uniqueness. There is not a “one size fits all” approach to protecting you and your home. Everyone’s needs are different. Different companies will suggest different protection options. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of each so you make the selection that is right for you.


All home alarm monitoring companies in Philadelphia do the same thing. That’s like saying all Nissan Murano owners drive the car the same way. Some alarm companies actually monitor home alarm systems out of the living room of their homes. How secure is that? Many don’t hire the right personnel or train them in the right way. Some are not certified for monitoring by UL and many don’t have redundant capabilities. All home alarm monitoring services are not created equal. Make sure you know what you are getting.


All Philadelphia security companies can be trusted. Unfortunately, that may not be true. Enter the company’s name into Google and see what you find. Look on review sites to see what others say about a company. Check with the Better Business Bureau.


Don’t let misconceptions impact your wireless home security. Take time to investigate. There are huge differences between home alarm security companies in Philadelphia.