5 Traits Of Excellent Home Security Alarm Companies

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As someone who has worked in the home security industry since 1983, I offer you the top five traits of outstanding home security companies:


1. Zero Mistake Mentality.

With home security, there are no second chances. Excellent home security companies recognize that your home security system and alarm monitoring must work exactly as designed, each and every time it is needed. They use only the finest security equipment and procedures and hire the very best people to help protect you.


2. Passion.

Employees of the home security company must have a passion for home security and protecting people just like you. Passion drives them to excellence in each and everything they do. Spend some time talking to technicians and office personnel of a security company. You’ll quickly be able to spot those disenchanted with their jobs or their profession.


3. Segment Specific Knowledge.

Excellent home security companies specialize in what they do. They spend time sharpening their knowledge and craft until they become home security system experts. They understand the latest in home security and home automation technology and apply it properly to bring the most benefit to you.


4. Community Involvement.

Outstanding home security companies work hard to make the communities they work in safer places to live. They support community initiatives to cut crime and help residents. They are active participants in trade associations that promote home security best practices. If a home security company is not active in supporting its community or industry, don’t do business with them.


5. Commitment to Customers.

Sure, everyone talks about providing good customer service. Excellent security companies actually do it. Check online reviews about the company. Look for testimonials on their website. Ask for a list of customers you can speak with about their service. Check with the Better Business Bureau and state licensing agencies.


When investing in a home security system, the home security company you choose is the most important decision you make. Select wisely, and look beyond the price to see the company protecting you and your family.