Alarm Activation Behavior Guide: Your “what to do” guide when your alarm system activates


False Alarm Behavior Guide:

·         Call the central station. Contact the monitoring center to tell them about the false alarm.

·         Use your password. Your password is necessary for the monitoring center to cancel the alarm.

·         Determine the cause. Understand what caused the false alarm so it doesn’t happen again.

·         Verify contact information. Make sure the monitoring center has correct information about who to contact on your behalf in the event of emergency.

Real Alarm Behavior Guide:

·          If the alarm is real, get in a secure area. In the event of a fire, vacate the home.

·         Wait for help. Don’t take any actions until emergency response personnel have arrived on scene.

·         Get professional advice. Follow the direction of police and/or fire personnel about your next actions.

·         Contact the monitoring center. Let them know the outcome of the situation.

Post Alarm Behavior Guide:

·         Schedule an inspection with your home alarm service provider. Make sure your system is operating properly.

·         Check the records. Determine how the event was recorded by local authorities to determine if you must pay a false alarm fine.

·         Make an assessment. Did your home security system and home security company perform as expected?

·         Take corrective action. Take the actions necessary to give you the level of security you need and expect if there were any gaps with the security plan and execution.