How Do Smart Thermostats Work: Why You Should Upgrade

how do smart thermostats work

Whether you battle frigid winter temperatures in the north east part of the United States or you’re just trying to stay cool in the blistering heat, temperature control is a big priority for homeowners anywhere. And nothing gives you elite temperature control like a smart thermostat. But how do smart thermostats work? And what’s control without efficiency?

Luckily,’s Smart Thermostat is now Energy Star certified. Which makes it the most energy-efficient way to manage temperatures inside your home. It also means increased comfort and reduced heating costs for homeowners.

It might be time to replace your old system if you don’t have an Energy Star certified smart thermostat in your home. For one, adding SmartHome features allows for much greater efficiency and convenience in controlling the temperatures inside your home. Plus it can significantly cut monthly costs!

What is Energy Star Certification?

Energy Star is a certification backed by the U.S. government. The symbol indicates that the products and practices bearing that label meet the standard for optimal energy efficiency. The goal of providing Energy Star labeling is to help protect the environment by reducing greenhouse emissions and other pollutants produced through inefficient energy use.

Benefits of an Energy Star Home

There are important benefits of using Energy Star kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, water heating, home heating and air conditioning units, and other residential electrical systems and devices. Some of the benefits of upgrading existing household energy consumers to Energy Star models include:

How Do Smart Thermostats Work?

Simply put, smart thermostats do more than average thermostats by integrating directly with your SmartHome security system. How do smart thermostats work to make your home more comfortable and efficient? Using real-time data and user input, smart thermostats offer an array of significant benefits, including:

  • Ideal convenience — adjust your home thermostat settings, no matter where you are.
  • Optimized heating and cooling management — regulate the temperature in your home automatically, by setting your temperature timers.
  • Freedom from manual adjustments — never worry about whether your home’s heating system is running or was accidentally left on during your workday or vacation.
  • Precision temperature control — coupled with remote temperature sensors, you’ll never have a hot or cold spot in your home again.
  • Big energy savings — cost savings for homeowners who can remotely control when their home heating and cooling systems, water heaters, security lighting, and other systems, turn off and on. Take savings on home energy consumption to a new level.

A SmartHome Uses a Smart Thermostat

SmartHomes use today’s cloud technology to connect all of your devices. Which means you can control your thermostat alongside other networked appliances, systems, and devices through the same mobile app. With quick and easy setup, all your home’s smart facilities can automatically respond to your needs as you go through your usual daily activities.

Out for the day and want your home at the perfect temperature when you get home? Adjust your thermostat in the car on your commute. Prefer your bedroom to be a little cooler at nights? Set rules and schedules and never toss and turn again. Plus get helpful reminders and notifications on the fly, like when it’s time to replace a filter. And with detailed reports of your habits and energy consumption and notifications when something changes, you’re never left in the dark on what’s happening in your home.

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When it really comes down to it, smart thermostats are a no brainer. They offer unparalleled comfort, convenience, control, and efficiency. Not to mention the seamless integration with your existing SmartHome system. Get started today and make your home, a SmartHome.

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