My Alarm Center is Joining Forces with Alert 360

New Name, Same Protection

Big changes are in the air! We are excited to announce My Alarm Center is joining forces with Alert 360! We want to share what this means for our customers and why we believe this merger under the Alert 360 name will greatly benefit our ability to offer the latest smart home security services and further our dedicated commitment to customer care. Let’s start by answering some questions you may have.

Who is Alert 360?

Alert 360 started as a small security company in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1973. In 49 years, we have grown to be the 5th largest residential security provider in the country serving nearly a quarter of a million customers across 26 states!

Alert 360 is the evolution of Guardian Security Systems and Central Security Group. As one of the nation’s oldest licensed alarm monitoring and security providers, we’ve greatly expanded from the basic hardwired security systems of yesteryear to include the most advanced interactive wireless security systems and automation products available on the market, while continuing our commitment to provide security for every budget.

Today, Alert 360 offers a leadership team and staff with decades of experience, our own state-of-the-art monitoring center, best-in-class technology, dependable service and smart home automation that make a real difference in how our customers live and work.

You can learn more about Alert 360’s history here.

You may have already noticed our cobranded look which now integrates the My Alarm Center logo alongside the Alert 360 logo. Moving forward, the same name and logo change will be in place on any communications from us – along with any other updates related to this exciting change.

What This Means for Our Customers

Other than a visual revamp and a new name, nothing else has changed. We’re still your local neighborhood security company with the same team answering our phones, providing service in your home or office, and monitoring your locations 24/7.

To further breakdown why we believe this change is so exciting, we’ve grouped our shared businesses into five core principles that make Alert 360 your security company of the future.

Our Technology

As a constantly evolving business, Alert 360 strives to make the smart home security solutions of tomorrow available today. For decades, Alert 360 and the My Alarm Center family of brands have provided protection and peace of mind for home security customers across the nation. As separate companies, we matched advancing technology to product offerings meeting the unique needs modern home security requires.

Now, as a single name and brand, we can offer more security solutions to more customers, in a variety of different packages that best suit your needs. In an era of DIY, Alert 360 is here as your trusted security experts. When it comes to custom security solutions, Alert 360 offers everything under the sun, now under your roof.

Our People

Prior to this merger, Alert 360 and the My Alarm Center family of brands each prided ourselves on our dedication of serving customers in our own backyards. In other words, we don’t just protect the communities our customers live in, we are also members of them. Our company’s sole focus may be protection, but the people we protect are the true heart of our business, and that doesn’t end with customers.

The people that make up our company, from business executives to our locally based expert technicians, are your neighbors who are just as invested in the wellbeing of their communities as you are. This merger provides even more opportunities and resources to make a greater community impact, like more partnerships with local non-profits and charities while expanding our existing Hometown Heroes program.

As Alert 360, we plan to continue offering the peace of mind of best-in-class security solutions with all the advantages and resources a larger company has, combined with the local reach of understanding and caring about the communities we protect. Together, we’re building a safer future.

Our Commitment to Service

When it comes to home security, product offerings are only one half of the equation. We believe our commitment to technology puts us on pace with the latest home security products on the market, but it’s our commitment to providing quality customer service that makes integrating that technology seamless and simple.

The ever-expanding line of services we provide to customers – like connected home and business solutions, integrated family safety tools like Senior Medical Alert Systems, and our moving services that make it easy to transfer your protection no matter where home is – are just a few examples of how we’re providing the same, trusted protection in an even better way. Simply put, Alert 360 exists where technology and customer care unite.

Our Leadership

As an Alert 360 customer, you can take pride and comfort in receiving your home security from a true industry leader. As separate companies, Alert 360 and the My Alarm Center family of brands provided trusted protection in communities from Atlantic City to Los Angeles. Combined, our local expertise puts Alert 360 in an exciting new position to grow as a leading security provider while still retaining our local reach.

Our senior leadership team alone brings more than 75 years of security industry experience, and our company is dedicated to creating a culture of leaders at every facet of our organization. What does that mean for customers? Every Alert 360 interaction, from the moment you request a quote to transferring your smart security services to your forever home, is with a dedicated team member who is qualified to help you make the best decisions for your security needs.

As Alert 360, we’re still providing industry-leading protection nationwide, with the local reach you know and trust.

A Commitment to Growth

We certainly see this new version of Alert 360 as a sign of growth, but it is our hope this experience is one we can continue to share with our customers. As a fully customizable security provider, we feel we are better positioned to meet you and your needs exactly where you are today, with an eye toward the future.

Alert 360 will continue to grow right alongside you every step of the way, from the first home you purchase out of college to providing security for your newly opened business, our solutions can fit your lifestyle as you need it. Security should never be stagnant, so we change as you change, with consistency in service combined with forward-thinking innovation to meet the challenges of tomorrow, today.

Building a Safer Future, Together.

We believe Alert 360 reflects our more-complete, next-generation smart security and home automation solutions. We’re growing and are so excited to have you with us!

If you’re an existing customer, keep on the lookout for more communication from us as the merger process continues. Still have questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ page and feel free to contact our customer support team.