Back to School Campus Safety Tips for College Students


It’s back to school time for millions of American college students. All of us at America’s best home security alarm company want college students safe and sound this school year.

The major safety risk faced by college students are property crimes. More than 80% of all college campus crimes are property crimes. It’s extremely important for students to take note of what they own and protect it accordingly.

Here are some more important safety tips for students to help prevent campus crime:

• Make a list of your valuables, including make, model and serial number. Make a video record of what you have.

• Mark your valuables. Use an electric engraver to permanently mark your property and valuables.

• Use the best bike lock possible. A huge number of property thefts involve bikes. Secure the bike through the wheel and the frame. Register your bike with the appropriate University authority (most likely the security department).

• Always lock your car and your room/dorm room/apartment/home. Many thefts occur when students leave their door unlocked for even a few minutes. Most property crimes are crimes of opportunity. Keep things locked up to make it harder and less tempting for thieves.

• Have a fire escape plan. Always have two ways out of your residence when you hear the fire detector alarm.

• Don’t share your key with anyone, and re-key the doors when a roommate moves out or a key is lost or stolen.

• Share your schedule. Make sure parents, family and/or friends know your class and activities schedules. This creates a network of friends keep track of each other. Make sure your campus friends know how to reach your family members and loved ones.

• Travel in groups of two or more. When moving through campus and at night in the campus community, travel in groups of two or more in well lit, high traffic areas. Don’t walk alone at night.

• Hide the valuables. Don’t leave your cash, wallet, checkbook, phone and other stuff in plain view. Don’t be a tempting target.

• Identify who is at the door before opening it. Know exactly who is there and what they want. If things don’t seem right, communicate through the door.

• Watch your status updates. And be careful with check-ins as well. Leaving information online about where you are at simply advertises your behaviors and locations to the world. If you wouldn’t give the information to a stranger, don’t put it online.

• Be careful when drinking. Never leave a drink unattended. Don’t accept drinks from strangers. Watch your drink being prepared. Avoid drinks from open containers like punch bowls.

• Be part of the solution. Always report suspicious activity to campus police.

The federal government requires all colleges and universities that participate in federal financial aid programs keep and disclose information about crimes that occur on or near their campus. Get access to the most recent statistics at