Bi-annual Household Jobs Checklist


Tackling large household cleaning and maintenance jobs every six months helps make your home tidier and more efficient while prolonging the useful life of household furnishings.

Our two favorite times of year to tackle our bi-annual chores is when we have to change our clocks for Daylight Savings Time. Changing the time on our clocks is our trigger to know it’s time for our bi-annual household chores.

You’ll find our list of important things to do below. Make sure to add your favorites in the comments section below!

Furnishings and Furniture

  • Turn or flip your mattress. Flip it over or turn it 180 degrees to improve comfort and mattress longevity.
  • Clean your carpets and wash all throw rugs and cushion covers.
  • Clean light shades and fittings. Use a feather duster to remove dust.
  • Wipe down all ceiling fans and indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.
  • Clean window treatments.
  • Move and clean under furniture and heavy appliances.

General Household Items

  • Update your first aid kit and medicine cabinet. Now is the time to throw away expired medicines and to re-stock the first aid kit and medicine cabinet.
  • Change the batteries in all household items, including battery powered smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Test your security alarm systems to make sure it is working properly. Contact your alarm monitoring center and let them know you’ll be conducting an alarm system test.
  • Clean out the pantry and cabinets. Remove items and wipe down all surfaces. Discard any out-of-date items.
  • Oil door hinges.
  • Review and update insurance policies.
  • Remove any built up lint from the dryer hose.
  • Wash or replace shower curtains.

Keep this checklist handy. Not only will you keep up with your chores, you’ll also keep your house in prime operating condition!