How Burglars Determine Which Homes to Rob


Did you ever wonder why one home is broken into and the one right next to it is spared?

It’s probably more than good luck or circumstance.

Experts interviewing burglars determined that there are 3 prime reasons a burglar targets one home over another:

• Proximity to others – time and again burglars said the close proximity of others determined their targets. The amounts of traffic near the home and on the road of the home are considered. If the home looks occupied, most burglars said they’d pick another target.

• Signs of home security – burglars looked for dogs, outdoor home security cameras, and security system signs to gauge how well a home was protected. The more protection the home exhibited, the less likely the home was to be targeted.

• Alarm systems – About 60% of burglars in a survey conducted by the University of North Carolina Charlotte said they’d pick another target if a home had an alarm system. A whopping 83% said they try to determine if a home had a security system before attempting a break-in.

WSOC-TV in Charlotte did a nice investigative report on the motivations of home burglars. See their report here.

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