Cable Company Home Security Alarm System Customers Not Happy


Cable companies, telephone companies and utility companies have recently entered the home security burglar alarm business. All are famous for their “bundled offers” that include home security systems. Some even include home automation and home camera surveillance systems.

Is buying one of these bundled packages including home security a wise move for consumers?

It isn’t if you read the reviews provided by people that have bought bundled home security  and home security monitoring packages from cable providers.

Most have problems with technology that does not work or is not applied properly and customers that simply aren’t supported.

Think we’re kidding? Then simply search for reviews of any cable company offering security alarm services. Read what their customers have to say.
Some cable companies offer user forums in lieu of real live customer support. Often time the cable companies are simply not staffed properly to handle service issues.

Cable and internet service provider companies routinely have the lowest customer satisfaction scores as measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

In the past we’ve written about the hazards of buying a home security alarm system from a cable company. It appears the problem is getting even worse.

When you are looking to protect your family members and home, it’s best to focus on finding a local market provider with years of experience that specializes in home security. Make sure they have happy customers.