More Alarm System Companies Enter the Fray for the ‘Internet of Things’


Lots of big technology companies want to put computing and communications power into common everyday household smart home devices.

It should come as no surprise that they can’t agree how to do it.

Some technology companies are banding together in an attempt to formulate technical ground rules for what has been termed the Internet of Things. Big companies like Intel, Dell, Samsung and Broadcom have formed a consortium to finalize these ground rules.

The problem is that others are pursuing similar goals. Qualcomm, Microsoft and Cisco have formed a group. Apple and Google haven’t yet forged an alliance but are involved in the issue in a big way.

The Internet of Things means adding computer chips and sensors to appliances, electronics, door locks, cars – just about anything you can imagine – so they can utilize and leverage wireless technologies and smart home devices via Wi-Fi. This would enable you to remotely manage things by smartphone or tablet.

Protocol standards are important to help smart home devices identify each other and exchange messages.

Until there is a consensus on technology and protocols, the Internet of Things won’t be as popular as projected.

We’ll keep you posted on relevant developments as they happen.