Connected Senior Care Medical Alert System: Independence and Protection

Learn more about our Connected Senior Care Medical Alert System.

Learn more about our Connected Senior Care Medical Alert System.

Today’s caregivers face many challenges when choosing how to care for a senior loved one. Right now that group consists mostly of those adult children of aging parents. They are typically “sandwiched” between working demanding hours, raising their own children and also looking after mom or dad. Which can lead to families often experience a lot of stress and worry. Along with confusion about where to turn for help. Which is where a Connected Senior Care Medical Alert System comes into play.

Seniors clearly have the desire to age in place. And while many seniors are able to live independently, their caregivers still need reassurance that their loved ones are safe in their own home. With many adult children of aging parents working full time and raising their own children, there simply isn’t the time to check in on mom and dad as often as they would like. Smart home technology is evolving to support both healthy and safe independent senior living and bring peace of mind to family members.

Smart home technology is providing a solution for both seniors and their caregivers that combines traditional safety and security features with intelligence to help anticipate issues before they become emergencies.

How Does a Connected Senior Care Medical Alert System Work?

Modern Connected Connected Senior Care Medical Alert Systems extend beyond traditional alerts triggered only after a fall or accident occurs. Monitoring seniors’ well-being and quality of life are made possible through a suite of discrete sensors and smart devices. This new breed of solutions can report about changes in activity levels like:

  • Sleeping and eating patterns
  • Bathroom visit frequency
  • Medication adherence
  • Emergency situations like wandering out of the home or falls
  • If unusual and potentially harmful behavior is identified, proactive alerts are sent to caregivers.

Seniors want to maintain their independence. And caregivers want peace of mind knowing their aging parents are not only safe, but also experiencing a better quality of life. Connected Senior Care Medical Alert Systems use intelligence-based trend alerts to provide assurance for families, and enable seniors to live the lifestyle they desire while staying safe and healthy in their homes.

Identify Potential Issues Before they Become Emergencies

The technology has evolved from simply responding to a crisis like the I’ve fallen and I can’t get up ads.  These days the solutions are intelligence-based tools that alert caregivers to changes in established activity patterns. The result is more statistical data like hours in bed, or number of trips to the refrigerator.

Truly a game changer, notifying caregivers of these atypical behaviors can help identify potential issues before they become emergencies. For example, with the help of an interior door sensor, when a refrigerator that is typically opened 10 times each day is suddenly opened once, an alert is triggered.

Plus, users can set specific rules for triggering alerts. Night time safety is a primary concern for seniors, with falls often occurring during overnight trips to the bathroom. Bed sensors can detect if a senior gets up at night and doesn’t return within a reasonable time.

Perhaps most importantly, this information is available to the caregiver in the same app used for their own home security system. So staying connected to aging parents is as easy as toggling between two accounts.

A Focus on Security and SmartHome Solutions

The first step towards a cohesive solution is the installation of a monitored security system. This covers the basics of protection. From there, the system’s capabilities are customizable based on your needs and the needs of the senior.

Respecting and supporting a loved one’s need for independence doesn’t have to come at the expense of their personal safety. With a Connected Senior Care Medical Alert System, users can enjoy an active home lifestyle while keeping family members and caregivers in the loop of their wellbeing.

Protection comes well before the point of crisis. With a Connected Senior Care Medical Alert System, users get security solutions that provide intelligence before there’s an emergency. Non-intrusive behavior monitoring provides insight on any changes that could signify a problem:

  • Motion sensors on refrigerators and medicine cabinets can track worrisome changes in nutrition and medication doses.
  • Bed and chair sensors track excessive sleeping and inactivity, or indicate excessive motion and nighttime wandering.
  • Panic pendants and non-wearable devices used to alert others of falls or other personal emergencies.
  • Two-way voice Care Cams keeps family in close contact with loved ones.

With this comprehensive senior medical alert system, you can stay connected, even when you can’t be there in person. Through the Connected Senior Care App, family members and caregivers can check in on seniors no matter where they are. While seamlessly connecting to other home security and SmartHome features that keep loved ones safe.

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The combination of home security, home automation, and connected living solutions all accessible through one easy-to-use app provides caregivers control and access to keep loved ones safe, healthy, protected and, most importantly, happy as they continue living their lives at home.

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