Do Home Security Yard Signs Really Protect Your Home?

We’ve all seen alarm company yard signs or window decals. Many of us wonder if simply having the yard sign or window decal on site is enough to stop home break-ins.

After all, why spend the money for a wireless home alarm system when a simple sign could take care of the problem?

According to the experts, that kind of thinking can get you into a world of trouble.

The San Jose, California police department points out that many burglars know that most wireless home alarm system owners don’t even turn on (arm) their wireless home security systems. A window sticker or a sign for these types of intruders is not an effective deterrent, in their opinion.

A study published by researchers affiliated with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that most burglars weren’t deterred by yard signs or window stickers, although the study did find them to be somewhat effective with “spur-of-the-moment” crime and with certain categories of female criminals.

Take a look at how insurance companies handle security yard signs. They don’t offer premium discounts for the signs; rather, discounts are offered only for monitored home alarm systems. The reason is because insurance carriers know that yard signs and window stickers alone don’t deter crime or reduce risk. Wireless security systems do, which is why homeowners get discounts for having them.

Have you ever heard of Rest assured that criminals have. They know that a wide variety of fake home security company yard signs and window stickers are for sale online. Take a look at them for a minute. Now think hard about this…if a yard sign could really deter thieves from attacking your home, don’t you think they’d cost more than $20?

Yard signs and window stickers alone aren’t enough to stop home break-ins. They may keep kids away and they may help emergency responders know who to notify in the event of alarm activation. But counting on them to keep you safe from criminals could be a huge mistake. With a wireless security system for home you know you’re protected no matter what.