Easy Ways to Use Your Home Security Alarm System to Watch Your Kids


What do your kids do when you aren’t home?

That’s a question many parents have asked themselves. Do they come home on time? Are they safe? Are they doing things they shouldn’t be doing?

That’s the challenge – you have no way of knowing what kids are doing unless you are monitoring them with your home security cameras!

Using Home Security Monitoring to Monitor Your Kids

Most home security systems are equipped with monitoring service features that allow you to monitor and even view your kid’s behaviors.

Your home security alarm system can be used to alert you if your kids don’t get home on time. It can even provide you with a daily record of what time your kids got home!

Kid security camera systems are another great way to help you monitor your kids.

Kid Security Cameras

Using home security cameras in conjunction with your home security alarm system offers you many advantages. A prime one is the ability to view what’s happening with your kids from any web enabled device like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Indoor security camera systems are great for viewing large rooms and hallways. Most work well in the dark. Pan and tilt cameras allow you to maneuver them for better viewing and greater viewing ranges. Outdoor security cameras withstand the weather and are great for viewing what’s happening in the backyard, front yard, by the garage and by the pool.

Most kid security camera systems allow you to view what’s happening in real time in your home. Many will even alert you when motion is detected within a protected area, and most will send you video clips so you can see what’s going on in your home.

A simple free mobile app makes viewing easy from your smartphone, tablet, or other smart home devices.

Kid Proof

Although you may enjoy the benefits of home security monitoring and monitoring your kid’s behaviors, your child may not feel that way.

That’s why most home security and kid security camera systems are tamper resistant. And should your child disable the system, your alarm company can be notified so corrective actions can be taken.

With many parents working and kids being left unattended at home, using your home security monitoring system to monitor the behavior and safety of children makes lots of sense. Contact My Alarm Center for more information.