How Can Fire Alarms Ensure Pet Safety?

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Fire and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Isn’t Only For You – It Protects Your Pets Too!

My Alarm Center offers 24/7 fire alarm monitoring to help keep your home and loved ones safe. If a fire does manage to start in your home, we take immediate action to help protect your loved ones — including your pets. Here are some helpful tips to keep your four-legged friends out of harm’s way and ensure pet safety.

Remove Hazards for Pet Safety

Curious pets don’t understand that an overturned skillet, open fireplace, or loose wire can cause a disastrous fire at home. It’s up to you to keep your household as hazard-free as possible. Never leave heat sources unattended and invest in a gate to keep pets out of the kitchen while you’re cooking. Keep wiring out of your pet’s reach by housing wires in protective covers.

Have an Escape Plan

Your family fire escape plan must include provisions for your pet. Where in the house does your pet normally sleep or relax? Draw your route to include this area and park your pet’s crate nearby to enable quick access. You can also post pet stickers in windows to alert the fire department of your furry friend inside.

Get Your Detectors with your Fire Monitoring in Order

A high-quality fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector can make all the difference in keeping your beloved pet (and fellow humans) safe. The fire alarm is triggered by temperature, while the carbon monoxide detector reacts to the concentration of this toxic chemical.

Use Security Cameras to Scope Out Trouble

Your fire alarm has sounded but you aren’t sure where the fire is. Security cameras can help you avoid smoke and flame in your home. You can view the video feed from your smartphone, allowing you to make a safe escape.

My Alarm Center’s Home Security and Fire Safety Services can equip your home with the fire safety devices you need. Our monitored fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector services trigger immediately, so first responders can get there right away. Let us help you help your whole family…even the members with paws and tails!