Here’s Why You Should Always Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network


If you have or plan on installing a Wi-Fi network in your home, then it is imperative that you secure your network.

When you install a router to create a wireless network in your home, you have the choice of securing access to the network with a password, or allowing people to use the network freely without password requirements for access.

Lots of people see little harm in leaving their network unprotected. They either don’t see the potential danger, feel their neighbors have their own network and won’t use theirs, or they live in remote areas and don’t feel a threat.

Here’s the problem with having an unsecured network: you may be legally liable for activity that happens on the network.

Imagine someone accessing child pornography through your network. Or illegally downloading music files. Or buying drugs from online dealers.  All of these things could potentially cause you a visit from local police or the FBI. That means all of your files could be searched. Your computer could be seized. Your home could be subject to an exhaustive inspection.

Illegal activity across the network is only one worry. An even bigger concern may be the data hackers can gain by accessing your unsecured network.

Hackers can enter your unsecured network and gain access to your email, instant messaging, and computer data. They can learn everything about your life that you have on your computer.

Hackers can also use unsecured networks to send SPAM. They can also launch virus attacks. They do this because it becomes extremely difficult to track illicit activities to the source.

Stay safe. Keep your family members safe. Secure your home wireless Wi-Fi network!