How Home Security Cameras Reduce Crime

Security cameras inside and outside of homes are becoming quite popular. Once reserved for the rich and famous, home security cameras have become quite an affordable home security option for most families.

So how do security camera systems work at preventing crime? Let’s take a look.

The one thing all home burglars have in common is that none of them want to be caught. They will go to extreme lengths to avoid situations where their risk of being caught is high. They don’t want to be seen, and today’s home security camera technology allows for real-time viewing from any web enabled device if you have home automation services. That means a professional alarm monitoring center or a homeowner using their smartphone could be watching a thief in the act. Check out what happened when this Florida home owner watched people burglarizing her home.

Many home security companies camera systems will cause an alarm when triggered by an intruder. Most police departments respond more quickly when there is visual verification of a crime in progress. Security cameras let police departments know it’s the real deal as opposed to a false alarm. This increases the chances of a burglar being caught by improving police response times to emergency situations.

Celebrities have long recognized the value of home security camera systems. That’s why they make home security cameras a focal point of their personal protection. They make security cameras visible outside their homes to deter crime. They use cameras inside the home to capture and record the activities of household staff and vendors to cut down on theft. Rapper 50 Cent says cameras protect him and look out for him.

Security cameras work well in conjunction with home alarm systems. Watch this clip of a burglar approaching a home using home security cameras and a home alarm system.

Studies show security cameras cut crime in urban areas, which is why cities have been using security cameras to protect public areas for years. And although no studies exist about the impact of security cameras on home break-ins, law enforcement officials will tell you that no criminal wants to be caught on tape.

It’s clear that home security cameras are an affordable and effective home security system. If you’d like to learn more about home security services and professional security cameras for your home, call the experts at My Alarm Center toll-free at 855-334-6562.