How Home Security Gives You Peace Of Mind For The Holidays

Although the holidays bring a lot of joy and happiness for the whole family, they are also a time of stress when burglaries are very common. With presents everywhere and more cars parked near the home, theft is all too likely over the holidays. A survey by ApartmentGuide revealed that over a quarter of Americans (26%) are concerned about a winter break-in. Utilizing a home security and home automation system can offer the protection you deserve.

Home Security Limits Package Thieves

With millions of homes stocked full of packages during the holidays, theft is far too common. From breaking into homes to stealing packages delivered to your doorstep, burglars stay busy during the holiday season. It’s a great idea to purchase a home security service from a reliable company. Security cameras will keep an eye on your home, alerting the alarm monitoring center of any suspicious activity and sounding the alarm to scare off any potential thieves while alerting the proper authorities. Along with motion detectors and top-notch security monitoring, this service can give you the peace of mind you need during the holidays.

Your Home Security Monitor Things When You’re Away

Given that many people travel during the holidays, this leaves many homes vacant—which opens the door for theft. But when the right home security service is in place, you can keep these burglars at bay and protect the items inside your home.

Protection Against Fires

During the holidays, accidental fire rates increase to very high levels. Holiday decorations cause more than 700 home fires every year. Protect your family and protect your property. Having a fire alarm monitoring system in place can help you stay safe from detrimental fires.

Frozen Pipes

The holidays are also a time when most places have extremely low temperatures. This poses greater risks to your home and your foundation. And when you’re away on vacation, your pipes can freeze—leading to a huge problem while you’re away. You may want to consider utilizing a flood monitoring system in the event of a serious water situation.

My Alarm Center Can Help

From outstanding motion detector services to providing an easy-to-use security monitoring system, My Alarm Center can offer the protection you deserve. And with locations all over the United States, from Philadelphia to Seattle, finding outstanding home security service is only a quick phone call away. Contact us today to learn more!