How Much Does a Home Alarm System Really Cost?



In many parts of the United States home alarm systems aren’t simply “nice to have,” they are a necessity. Today’s home security systems are more advanced, more powerful and more effective than ever before, and they can offer consumers greater protection and value. But each step up the security ladder comes with a commensurate cost. So how much does it really cost to install a new home security system?

What to protect

The first step in determining the cost of a home security alarm system is knowing what it is that you want to protect.

There are two basic principles in this area:

1.       How early do you want to detect an intruder? At your property line? In your yard? When they attempt entry into your home? See, the earlier you want to detect a problem, they more you’ll pay. Keep reading to learn why.

2.       How large is your property and home? The larger your home and property, the more vulnerable you are and the more home security equipment you’ll need for protection. Installation costs for a home security system are proportionate to the size of the home and property.

Outdoor security detection and security camera surveillance equipment costs more than indoor equipment. That’s because it needs to properly operate in harsh outdoor conditions. Outdoor security equipment can also take much longer to install, and often involves mounting surveillance devices on high peak areas of homes, and far away spots like driveway gates and property lines.

The number of door and window openings greatly influence costs. The more doors and windows to be protected, the higher the cost of the home alarm system. And since burglars can break glass instead of opening a window, you’ll need some type of glass break detection or interior motion detectors.

Another decision you need to make is how much of your property and home do you want to pay to protect. Many people choose not to install window switches and glass break detectors and instead count on interior motion detectors. This approach results in a lower level of home security on site but it also costs less. You have to consider the acceptable level of risk for your situation.

How you want to protect it

You’ll find that there are different technologies used to protect your home and to monitor alarm systems. Each comes with different levels of wireless home security and higher costs.

As a general rule, the more secure the alarm technology the more it will cost. Take for example home alarm system technology. There are two common types: hard-wired security systems and wireless security systems.  Hard-wired systems (electrical wiring used from one alarm device to another) are harder to defeat than wireless systems. They are less maintenance intensive butalso cost more to install.

There are different ways home alarm systems can be monitored for performance and detection of intruders. The more secure the monitoring method, the more it will cost. For example, it’s easy and inexpensive to monitor home alarm systems through existing home telephone lines. It’s also pretty simple for thieves to defeat alarm systems monitored that way.

The harder something is to defeat, the more it will cost.

What you want it to do

Today’s wireless home security systems can do much more than detect intruders. You have wide variety of additional home security and home automation options that can be used for your home that impact system costs.

Many people choose to add smoke and carbon monoxide detection capabilities to their wireless home security system. Doing so drives up costs but it also qualifies for higher insurance credits and provides much better protection than battery powered detectors bought from big box hardware stores.

Indoor and outdoor home security surveillance cameras are effective and affordable. They allow you to view what’s happening at your home through your smart phone, tablet or any other web-enabled device. They can be useful in apprehending criminals and as a crime deterrent.

Home automation services function like automatic or remote control of temperature and lighting are also used in conjunction with home alarm systems.

The additional wireless security system for home system features you choose determine system costs.

What type of home security company you want

Just like in most any other industry, there are a wide variety of home alarm security companies.

Some are one-person start-ups, operating out of the back of the owner’s truck. Others are small mom-and-pop businesses while still others are large home security companies with many employees and more capabilities. Each comes with a different cost for their professional services.

Read our advice about what to ask before buying a home security system to help make the best selection for your home and family.

So what does a home security alarm system really cost? Costs can range from several hundred dollars into the thousands of dollars. What you end up paying depends in large measure on what you want, the size of your property and home and the company you hire.

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