Highlighting a Special “Sleep-Out” at Covenant House

Kareem Mitchell, Dajia Dark, Alicia Jackson, Daciann Forbes, Markajia Garner

My Alarm Center and Covenant House

My Alarm Center has had a standing relationship with Covenant House, a non-profit organization that provides housing and supportive services to homeless youth. In year’s past, several members of the leadership team would attend their annual “Sleep Out” in the streets of Philadelphia as an act of solidarity and awareness.

This year, My Alarm Center’s Sleep Out was a little bit different – one of our very own has a special connection to Covenant House.

Daciann’s Covenant House Story

Daciann Forbes, along with four others from our Customer Service Team, spent the night in our leadership’s stead. For Daciann, the opportunity to attend the annual Sleep Out meant more than just another service opportunity.

After being forced out of her home, Daciann spent 6 months in a Covenant House in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where she received the aid she needed to get back on her feet. Along with housing, Daciann received food, shelter, schooling, counseling, and medical care.

“Covenant House provided me the direction and stability I needed,” Daciann says. “They helped prepare me for adulthood.”

Even after leaving Covenant House, Daciann received the help she needed to get into school, then went on to join the Job Corp in Miami, and eventually My Alarm Center.

“Even after leaving Covenant House, I wanted to give back.”

Covenant House’s Sleep Out is normally held every November, in over a dozen major metropolitan areas, raising millions of dollars to help 4,000 youths with housing and 1,600 youths with employment. Its presence has grown over time, and this year has raised close to $2 million dollars with the help of several generous companies and donors.

Daciann’s said that her experience sleeping out was different, and something to remember.

“I’ve never done it before, but it’s so great seeing so many important people raising awareness to this cause that personally helped me.”

“Each of the sleep-outs were amazing experiences, but the first sleep out made the biggest impression on me.” Amy Kothari, President, CEO of My Alarm Center, having slept out in year’s past, also reminisced. “Hearing the stories directly from the young adults who had been saved by Covenant House was eye-opening and amazing.”

How did the Partnership Start?

Joe Chambers, Amy Kothari, Anastasia Bottos, Jason Grelle

“The relationship began with an introduction from folks we knew at Toll Brothers.” Amy Kothari states. “Once we learned more about the cause, we were all-in on supporting Covenant House. Philadelphia has a tremendous homeless issue, but I had never realized how many young people were homeless in Philadelphia and throughout the country, not to mention the ancillary trafficking issue. I have 3 children, so all of this really hit home for me.”

“Our relationship has continued since that first introduction and we look forward to continuing the support.  My Alarm Center, as well as my family, have grown and learned from this experience.  We can truly make a difference!”

My Alarm Center continues to be supportive of Covenant House’s mission and hopes to expand its financial support and employee involvement in the years to come.