Sleepless in Seattle Because I Can’t Stop Using My Mobile App

We may not want to admit it, but we’ve all lost sleep over the newest, greatest gadgets. And it’s not usually in the pre-purchase phase, it’s not because you’re yearning for them; it’s because you already have them – you’ve lost sleep because you’ve been too busy testing, playing, enjoying that new flatscreen, new game console, new tablet, or new anything. They’re just too fun to put down.

Bet you didn’t know your home security system could reach that level of fun.

But it can. Oh, but it can.

Welcome to the mobile app, which comes standard with all My Alarm Center offerings. And it’s so fun, it’s guaranteed to make you lose sleep.

Home Automation at a Touch
The integration of home security and automation has never been more seamless. Home alarms have gone smart, and have dragged the rest of your house along with it: not only does automation include controls over window, door and motion sensors, but it loops in your thermostat, door locks, lighting, and other customizable controls.

And it’s all available with just the swipe of a finger, on your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the mobile app.

What Can My Phone Do to My Home?
The near-magical connection between your home’s smart alarm, automated features, wireless signals, and smartphone means that your phone can control just about everything. Think of it as a mobile command center, able to monitor your home’s every move.

• Windows: Check that your windows are secure, and receive alerts if a sensor is triggered.
• Doors: Ditto your windows. Also, you can quick-check that all doors are closed and locked. (And that your teen hasn’t tried to sneak out.)
• Motion: Not only will your phone alert you to unexpected movement in your home, but smart sensors will also send you triggered-image (photo) alerts. You can also use your phone to peek into camera-monitored rooms.
• Garage: You’ll never again have to get off the sofa for a late-night garage door check: your phone will tell you if the door’s closed (and send an alert if it’s not), and with just a touch you can close it. All from the comfort of the couch.
• Thermostat: Use your phone to adjust temperatures up or down.
• Lights: Remotely control, check and automate all connected lights in your home. In other words, never again leave your warm bed to check if you left the kitchen light on.

But That’s Not All…
Home automation isn’t just the ability to lock doors and turn off lights with your phone (although that is pretty cool): the power of a connected home is in adaptive learning. Now, you can train your home to follow your schedule, performing automated tasks like a nightly lock check, or turning off all the downstairs lights at a given hour.

What’s more, you can enable your smart home to passively learn your behaviors. Yes, your house can use its own sensors to know when you usually turn off lights, or do a last-minute run through of the house, or leave for work, and perform other routines, so it can automatically lock doors, secure windows, close the garage, and complete other safety tasks, so you always have peace of mind. You can view several of the benefits of home automation in our infographic.

Now, quick! Use that app to turn off the lights. It’s bedtime, and being sleepless in Seattle is only a good thing in Hollywood.Playing With The App