Stay Connected, Stay Summertime Safe


When living is supposed to be easy, summertime can often catch us off-guard with home security. In fact, residential break-ins peak during the summer vacation months of July and August, as well as in September, according to information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Among all burglaries in 2011 (the latest statistics available), home burglaries were the most common—accounting for 74.5 percent. Additionally, a burglary occurs every 14.4 seconds in the U.S.

Statistics make us aware and alert. But with the My Home system from My Alarm Center, you can relax and enjoy the easy, breeziness of summer while on vacation or at work, or just out for a few hours. No need to worry about the safety of your home while you’re away from it as you can check the security cameras and look in on your home.

Whether on your PC/Mac or smartphone, My Home allows for you to receive real time alerts when your security system for home is armed or disarmed, when a door is opened or closed, or if there is motion activity on your property, provided you have cellular monitoring and interactive services. Also, My Home can be equipped with video surveillance, home entry notifications and archived entry logs.

How It Works

The way this is all possible is through My Home’s sophisticated technology and a corresponding sensor system. With My Home, you are able to be notified about virtually anything you would like about your home. Have kids and work full time? My Home can alert you via text or email when your teenager arrives home from school every day. Or it can inform you if your child hasn’t yet arrived home at a specified time that you have programmed.

Not only do you have the ability to program My Home to custom parameters, but you can make last-minute, on-demand decisions. For example, you forgot that a contractor was coming to do some work while you’re on vacation. Once the contractor arrives at your home and calls you wondering why you’re not there, you can disarm your wireless security system to let him in, unlock the door, as well as lock the door behind him. You can do the same thing when he leaves to lock and re-arm the system.

Video surveillance can be installed as well so that you can see exactly who is coming and going.

Another option with My Home is controlling the lights and thermostats. For instance, you’re at work and it’s another summertime scorcher. Simply log into your My Home account either through PC/Mac or your smartphone app, and program it to crank up the A/C in time for your arrival. Depending on availability, some wireless security systems for home can even allow you to set activation parameters so that it can detect when you’ve left your home and turn down the a/c and then upon your return, it will sense you getting closer and will turn up the air.

The bottom line: My Home takes home security (and conveniences) to a more manageable, customized and personal level. You are in control.

Next month, see how My Alarm Center can help protect your family and you from the ravages of fire.