Summer Smart Home Automation Guide

The ability to monitor your home when you’re not there means peace of mind and lessens the chance for issues to arise when you’re away. Consider these three reasons to make your home a smart home.

Use Home Automation To Access Your Security System 

Invest some time to become familiar with your smart home security system. Learning how to use your app not only ensures you’re getting the most from your system, it also means your home is always secure.

  • Summer may be the most relaxed time of year, but don’t relax when it comes to arming your system. Burglaries increase during summer! Did you forget? Just use the home automation app to arm it remotely.
  • Set up alerts that let you know if the system isn’t armed by a certain time each day. Then you’ll know if the last person who leaves home forgets to arm the system, and you can do it from anywhere.
  • Geo-fencing/location monitoring is also a great way to know when the last system user has left the area.
  • Be alerted when someone leaves the garage door open so you can close it remotely.

Enhance Safety And Security During The Hectic Summer Schedule

Summer schedules usually mean more people, including kids, coming in and out throughout the day. Use home automation to check-in and give you peace of mind if you can’t be there.

  • Use geo-fencing/location monitoring to see when the kids are close to home so you can make sure they get inside safely.
  • Indoor cameras and two-way voice let you check on the kids and chat about their day when they’re at home and you have to be elsewhere.
  • Program your system to send alerts when the system is disarmed or armed. This will let you know exactly when people are leaving and entering your home.
  • Statistics show that summertime means an increase in burglaries. Be vigilant and learn to arm your system remotely when you know the house will be empty and in case the kids forget when they leave the household.

Be Home Even When You’re Not

Don’t forget the basics—like keeping your home secure when no one is there.

  • Use the doorbell camera to talk to visitors from the mountains or the beach. They won’t have a clue that you’re miles away.
  • Use timers to turn lights off and on to give the appearance of daily activity and make it seem as if you are home every night.
  • Limit access to certain areas of your home, such as bedroom closets or private rooms, with motion detectors and smart cameras that alert you when a room is entered. There’s no better way to make sure the house sitter is following house rules.
  • Give regular visitors, such as your dog walker or housekeeper, individual codes for entry or set-up access days and times so your home knows when to expect these regular visitors.
  • Use both outdoor and indoor cameras to view in and around your home anytime from anywhere.
  • Preset thermostats to save energy and money while no one is home. This can also be used to regulate temps throughout the day and night, so your home is always the perfect temperature when you get back from work or vacation.

Add a few practical measures to protect your investment, keep your family safe, and make your home smarter than ever. Call 855-334-6562 for more information on home automation security and how My Alarm Center can help you this summer and all year.