Technology To Keep Your Pets Safer

We love our pets like family (because they are our furbabies, right?). So why not protect them as we do the rest of our family members?

Here are some tech gadgets and apps to keep your furry family members safer.

1. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. Exactly what the name implies, this device attaches to your pet’s collar and can track their whereabouts. It can send you a text message or email when your pet wanders past their designated boundaries. The Tagg GPS pet tracker goes beyond showing you exactly where your furry friend might be, it also monitors the temperature to keep them safe from extreme cold or hot temperatures. And just like your Fitbit, it also tracks your pet’s health to makes sure they are getting enough exercise and rest. Tagg GPS Pet Trackers costs $99.95.

2. Pet First Aid App. We want to keep our pets safe, but in case of an emergency where their safety is threatened, the American Red Cross created an app to help in those tough situations. The Pet First Aid App includes videos, interactive quizzes, and step-by-step advice to walk you through over 25 common pet situations. The app helps with administering medication, behavioral advice, warning sign checker, identifying common toxic substances and even when it might be time to say goodbye (we hope not!). You can easily program a veterinary contact number and locate the nearest emergency vet hospital. Each pet can have their own profile within the app to keep track of appointments and medications needed. The Pet First Aid app is available for Apple, Google Play, and Amazon for $.99.

3. Puppy Tweets. If you’re looking for a fun way to keep track of your puppy’s actions, Puppy Tweets attaches to your dog’s collar and tweets you what your dog is up to. The tag has a motion and sound monitor, which connects to a USB receiver that connects to your computer. It not only lets you know what your puppy is up to (making sure they are safe), but is also a fun way to keep track of your pet. Puppy Tweets was created by Mattel, with the idea to create real-time communication with our furry family members. Puppy Tweets sells for around $15 on Amazon.

4. ASPCA APCC Mobile App. This free mobile app is a great reference when you’re not sure what foods are safe for your pet. It allows you to easily search through items, find the levels of toxicity, possible side effects, and the actions to take in case of an emergency- all with colorful, easy to follow images. The app provides a 24/7 hotline giving users full access to trained veterinary staff and toxicologists.

5. Pet Master Pro. This handy app keeps track of your pet’s medical record in the palm of your hand. Keep track of vaccinations, medications, identification numbers, weight history, and even details for the insurance all in this app. It takes a little legwork to initially enter the information into the app, but having that information while traveling could help save your pet’s life. The app is free for both iPhone and Google Play.

We don’t always have control over our pets’ situations and environments, but using this technology can help keep your pets safer and snuggled up next to you at the end of the day.