The Definitive Spring Cleaning Guide For You And Your Home

The cold bite in the air is fading and quickly being replaced by hints of warmer weather. With the arrival of spring comes flowers blooming, adventure planning and, spring cleaning. The heralding of a new season brings fresh new energy and the need to organize, declutter, and dust-off from a winter spent indoors. But save for a select few, no one likes cleaning. Sure, the aftermath is satisfying, but moving appliances and throwing out clothes? I’d rather not. If spring cleaning is getting you down, here are some ways to get started:

Clean Your Equipment

The winter months might’ve taken a toll on your outdoor equipment, so make sure to target the cameras, lights, and sensors outside your home for cleaning. Well-kept equipment can help ensure the alerts and monitoring you get is up-to-date.

Break It Down

Not knowing where to start can make a task seem insurmountable. Talk yourself through it and break down the task into small pieces and create a checklist. Aside from not feeling so overwhelmed, crossing things off your list will bring a sense of satisfaction and make you want to keep going.

Procrastinate and Take it Slow

You did not read that wrong. Knowing when and how to take breaks will actually get the job done faster and with more precision than not taking a break at all. Every hour, give yourself 10 minutes of nothing time. It can be scrolling through Instagram or staring at the wall, but taking a break will help you stay energized.

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Move It!

If you’re in the middle of a task and feel like you just don’t want to finish, turn up some music and dance or exercise. It’ll give you the extra burst of energy you need to power through to the end.

Goals and Rewards

Sticker charts and ice cream treats are not just for kids! Set goals for yourself and decide on a treat for when you get there. It’ll keep you motivated to focus on getting the job done.

There’s nothing like the feeling of clean living space but getting there can be a drag. With these tips, you’ll stay motivated and can even have some fun in the process.

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