Three Smart Resolutions for Home Security System Owners

Lose weight. Earn more. Hit the gym. It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions, and that means getting your home security in shape, not just shedding pounds and padding the bank account.

Here are three home security resolutions for home alarm system owners, courtesy of the team at My Alarm Center:

1. Test your alarm system

If the alarm system is monitored by a central station, contact the alarm company and have them put the monitoring in test mode. Then, turn on your alarm system and make sure everything works. Test all protected doors and windows. Walk test all motion detectors to make sure they are operating at proper distances. Make sure your security system works as designed. You should test your security system equipment at least twice per year.

2. Check your contact information on record with the alarm monitoring company

Make sure the contact information your alarm company has on record for your home is accurate and current. Things may have changed in your life or with your situation since the time you first submitted contact information and response details to your alarm monitoring company. Now’s the time to make sure things are the way they need to be.

3. Review your security

Review your security system so that it meets your present needs. Technology has changed and you may have added onto or changed things in your home. Many people like to add remote control capabilities to their system, so that they can control basic functions through any web-enabled device. Home security system cameras are an affordable and attractive wireless home security option for homeowners. Meet with your wireless home security company representative to see what options are available to benefit you.