Top 10 Things That Make Your Home a Target to Burglars


Home burglaries are never random, quite the opposite.  Criminals certainly do their homework and seek out homes that are vulnerable to attack and avoid ones that look like they are well protected with things like security camera systems and security system signs.  In an attempt to raise awareness and help you better protect your home, we want to share with you the top ten things bad guys look for when scoping out a home.  We will start with some of the obvious, but often overlooked reasons.

  1. Open garage doors: Even during the day your garage door should remain closed at all times.  It is an incredibly easy way to enter your home.  Even if the interior door lock to your home is locked, the burglar can close the garage door behind him and have all the cover he needs to gain access to your home.  An open garage door is also an invite for criminals to do a quick dash and grab of any valuables in your garage like tools and bicycles.
  2. Open windows: It can be very tempting to leave your windows open to get some fresh air, but it is also a signal to burglars that your security alarm system is disabled.  It only takes a moment to slash a screen and gain entry to your home.  Try to avoid leaving your windows open, especially on the first floor.
  3. Unlocked doors: You would be surprised to find out how many homes are burglarized each year due to unlocked door locks.  The most common of all is the interior garage door.  Even when you are at home you should keep your doors locked to keep a potential burglary from turning into a home invasion.
  4. Valuables or electronics: Can you see that 65” flat screen in your living room through the window when you drive by your home?  So can the criminals!  It is a good idea to have sufficient curtains or blinds that help to limit any line of sight into your home.  The less valuables one can see from outside the less tempted they will be to get their hands on them
  5. Empty home: Most home burglaries happen during the day when the homeowners are away at work.  Criminals want to avoid confrontation as much as possible and also have a much lower chance of looking suspicious during the daylight hours.  It is in your best interest to keep your home as safe as possible while you are away.  During the holidays or other times of travel, let a trustworthy neighbor know you will be away so they can help keep an eye on your place.
  6. Bad lighting: When night falls, one of the best ways to keep your home safe is with the use of outdoor lighting.  The fewer shadows a burglar has to hide in the less of a chance they will try to break into your home.  They aren’t going to stand under a bright light and try and pry open a window or a door.
  7. No dogs: Some dogs will roll over and take a belly rub from an intruder, but you can guarantee yourself burglars will think twice about breaking into a home if they hear a dog barking.  The noise from a barking dog also helps to draw attention to the bad guys.  If you are not a fan of owning a dog, invest in a “beware of dog” fake security sign.  Criminals will see that and again think twice about entering your property.
  8. No security system: Home security company systems are affordable and priceless when there is an incident.  You don’t need the most sophisticated system available, but not having one at all leaves your house completely vulnerable to criminals.  Give yourself and your family the peace of mind knowing your home is protected.
  9. No security window decals: This is one of the easiest ways to deter the bad guys.  A simple security system decal in the first floor windows is a big red flag to burglars.  Let the bad guys know that your home is protected with home security monitoring.
  10. No security yard signs: Just like the security window decals it is also a good idea to have at least one security system yard sign out front of your house.  Criminals often case neighborhoods and may scratch you off their potential list if they see the security system sign in your yard.

Taking the proper measures to secure your home and make it less of a target will greatly decrease the chances of a break in.  If your home looks like Fort Knox, the burglars are going to move on to the one that doesn’t.  If you would like more information on how to protect your home, or simply need to request yard signs or window decals give My Alarm Center Alarm Company a call at 855 334 6562.